Monday, April 16, 2012

Hunters Stand at Dawn

We pause
maybe five
minutes and stand
listen as forest morning
            comes alive
                 moves in life
           around us

I see the trees
    dark angled shafts of teeming
    strung between
green vibrations of  canopy
and mountainside carpet
the yawning saplings
      hickory palms
      I feel our dark
  shaping from toes
     to torso
       columns of our
    own leaning height
Clicking sips past
   wings decend from rost
ticks cling and climb from
the roots we've put down
         leaves push out
      dogwood petals sail
lackadaisical down
     we stand
      trunk and hand
       and head still

how many journeys
   just past around
about and in between us
other fathers and sons
generations passing to
            eons stretching down
               as we stood at dawn
         waiting for a bird to call

waiting for the sun to rise
  for bones to drift to dust
       and the forest to burn
a clean fire
leaving only white ash
         and mountains rolling

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Macro Econ Craze

Macro is where I aggregate
my thoughts to 
big picture ponderings

Company in Condition

I am sitting in the
no-light. We are, at night
deep, down under
darkness. Blinking eyes
but nothing, anywhere
we are. No. Where
I am sitting, she might be
close by, and whispers
“It’s okay. I can’t see
anything either.”

beating to another.

Understand how light
was spoken.

How Odd, I Am

Some days I can’t believe my
hands—or rather why they are
held out by oily pink arms poking
awkward hair. Does God sit in
econ class and wonder why he
is the way he is, the universe
staring baffled at the strangeness
of its own toes, under draping bath
robe? Or is his view so large
beyond the idea of why or
why not, knowing normalcy
and strangeness are slippers
we put on—he probably sits
so stoned with understanding
that everything simply is.