Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Somethings I've Seen

The Roses
     elected to form a crystal vase corporation
             and market themselves as
     relation ship executives
Can you unfold yourself
               in proper coloring
          to inspire intimate connections
                                              between us

The Honey Bees are seldom subtle
             in their advances
   toward your milky sweet skin
                      they just want to fuck you
                                         till it stings

The Piano Keys
                wait patiently
         to be ushered
into the politest of symphonies
           the sound
             of a fist pounding

The  Cherries were picked
                  five years too late
              already melted to rotten fruit
       and living again as
a three foot sapling
      which does not taste nearly as nice
                               in a juice or jam

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