Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not So Simplicity

On the day that you realize
not all white, American, once-where-Buddhists
that all beings are one

because they hate roaches

you will also hear of free ranging Jersey cows
in Georgia
eating out of mother’s flower bed
milk so fatty the skim can be butter simply
seal in a jar and let the kids make a game
of rolling it back and forth across the floor

as the farm van climbs the hill at the
end of the workday, filled with fall
the smell of deep soil and fresh carrots

you will also see the dirt drying to a grey powder across
your hands, showing well the lines where
the skin prunes
curling in upon itself after
tugging all day
at the earth

in the dream worthy blues
of your darkened bedroom
you will tell your wife that she

never has and never will understand you

which is true
for everyone but God
you don’t have to tell her that way

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