Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seek The Harvest

With your hands
you seek the harvest
in compost piles, pig manure, garden beds
and the handle of a hoe that leaves
calluses and blisters

In your hands
you hold the harvest of the earth
cook it in a heavenly sauce
let it fill all who will humbly receive

See you hands
become the harvest
it is now growing in you
give thanks
press the palms together
break them in your labor
giving each piece with joy

I wrote this poem for the Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration in October 2012 at the Asian Rural Institute. I read the poem as a performance during the event. I worked with a Japanese poet who was also volunteering at ARI. Tomi helped me translate my poetry into Japanese and I helped him translate his poem into English. It was a beautiful exchange of poetic and cultural fruits. 

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